The Village Guru Team from Mississauga's Better Homes and Gardens RE Signature Service Brokerage has partnered with Robert Preece's Team from Better Homes and Gardens RE Niagara Premiere Brokerage.  This union has brought together decades of experience and expertise in selling in the GTA and buying your lifestyle home in Niagara. The wealth of information and guidance combine to provide you the ultimate experience. 

The mission is to provide home owners in the GTA the opportunity to sell out of their equity-rich family home, and enjoy the freedom of lifestyle that the Niagara region offers. Whether you want to use all of your equity to purchase a luxury home, buy a smaller home and put some of your hard earned cash into other investments, or even buy 2 homes to split your time between the towns you love, we can make your dreams a reality. Working together, we are better able to serve all of your needs through coordinated services and communication. 

We have a systemized process to ensure that all of your needs are addressed and get more integrated service than if you try to coordinate such a move on your own. Sign up on the right to receive our 12 part email series about all the best Niagara has to offer and learn how our exclusive Niagara relocation program is second to none.